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How To Treble Crochet
treble crochet (also known as triple crochet). This beautiful crochet stitch allows you to create open and airy fabric in your crochet projects. Here’s how you can perform the treble crochet stitch: Crocheting the Foundation Chain: Begin by making a slip knot. Create a loop a little way from the end of your yarn, then make a second loop farther from the yarn end and pull it through the first loop. Slide this second loop over your crochet hook. Yarn over (abbreviated as “yo”): Take the working yarn (the yarn leading back to the skein) and wrap it over your crochet hook from the back toward you. Ensure that this new loop of yarn sits inside the hook itself, with your slipknot loop a little farther away. Draw the yarn through the slipknot: Pull your hook backward through the slipknot loop, bringing the second loop with it. You should now have two chain stitches, with one loop remaining on your hook. Crochet a chain of your desired length by yarning over and drawing through until you have the number of stitches you need. Making the First Treble Stitch: Crochet a turning chain: After reaching your required length of
the foundation chain, crochet exactly three more stitches to help you turn your work and start the treble crochet. Turn your work: Keep your last loop firmly on your hook and flip the work so that the end you started from is trailing to the opposite side. Do not move or flip your hook. Yarn over twice: Wrap your yarn over your hook from the back toward you two times. Insert your hook: Count four stitches back from your hook (skipping all of these). Insert your hook under the top loop of the fifth chain stitch from your hook. These four skipped stitches count as your first treble crochet stitch. Yarn over and draw through: Wrap your yarn over the hook from back to front as before and pull it through one of the loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw through two loops: Wrap your yarn over the hook once and pull it through two of the loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw through two loops again: Repeat the previous step. Yarn over and draw through the last two loops: Complete the stitch in this manner. A pattern will abbreviate this as “tr”

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